Protective bleach powder

The perfect balance between extreme lightening and total protection for the hair fibres. The new CULT bleach powder can lighten the hair up to 9 shades*.

Its powerful formula is gentle on the hair: thanks to Plex Technology, CULT powder offers powerful lightening without putting stress on the hair, reducing the aggressiveness of persulphates and protecting the hair fibres.The refreshing mint fragrance makes the application process a more pleasant experience.

500 g.

  • Plex Technology guarantees protection and hydration during the bleaching process
  • Pleasant minty fragrance
  • Ideal for any lightening technique
  • *Up to 9 shades of lightening with a double treatment, without putting stress on the hair fibres

Put the required amount of bleach powder in a non-metallic bowl. Add the 20, 30, 40 vol. oxidising emulsion to the powder and mix thoroughly with a brush until it forms a thick, homogenous and creamy mixture.

The mixing ratio can vary from a minimum of (1:1) to a maximum of (1:2), depending on the technique used and the desired result.

  • FOR NORMAL LIGHTENING: use the 20 volume oxidising emulsion according to the ratios indicated.
  • FOR HIGHLIGHTS: use the 30 or 40 volume oxidising emulsion according to the ratios indicated.
  • WAIT TIME: leave to act at room temperature until the desired level of lightening is achieved, but never more than 40 minutes.