Emulsified hydrogen peroxide 40 Vol.

Emulsified hydrogen peroxide 40 Vol.

Rebeel oxidising emulsion is a liquid with consistent action for all types of hair. Designed to be used with Protective Colour Cream cosmetic dye, the emulsified hydrogen peroxide has a creamy consistency that makes application easy.  The main features of this oxidising emulsion are its high consistency and a formula that does not attack the hair’s fibre; an essential product when offering a professional technical service.      

40 VOLUMES | 12%

SIZE 1000 ml

  • Guarantees uniform colour and bright reflections
  • Preserves the welfare of your skin and hair during the application
  • Protects hair during colouring

Contains hydrogen peroxide. Rinse eyes immediately and thoroughly, in case of direct contact. Use suitable gloves. Store away from the light in a cool, dry place. Use according to the Rebeel’s instructions on oxidation colouring. Do not use for any purposes other than those intended.